Quality Assurance and Testing — What’s Important for your Software Development Project?

At Strides Empower, our primary focus is about developing a product to suit your requirements:

Quality Assurance is an important aspect in ‘Making sure your product is bug-free, matches all the functional requirements and is displayed properly on all devices’ — Strides Empower.

What is Quality Assurance and Why is it essential for your Project?

The main thing that really matters with any software development project is the quality of the final product itself!

-Does it do what you expected it to do?

-Is it usable by your customers and does it do what they would expect it to do?

-Does it work across all platforms and devices?

Our experienced Quality Assurance Team are there to find any glitches and problems before your customers do.

At each stage of the development process a key focus on Quality Assurance is needed to assure your product meets the required standards. It refers to both the external and internal features of the software.

Quality Assurance analyses software reliability to determine the defects — by a defect, we mean ‘anything that does not match the requirements set out by our clients’ explains Galyna, from the Quality Assurance Team at Strides Empower.

‘At each stage of the development process a key focus on Quality Assurance is needed to assure your product meets the required standards’.

Some insights into the role of our Developers ‘v’ our Quality Assurance Team

While our Developers focus on finding ways to solve a problem efficiently and to meet our clients’ project requirements. Our Quality Assurance Team concentrate on finding all possible ways to make the development fail!

Our Developers come up with solutions and our Quality Assurance Team analyse if those solutions are usable by real people — your customers!

They work throughout the software development life cycle and apply different testing methodologies to make sure you get a robustly tested product that’s fit for purpose.

What is Testing and the main differences between Quality Assurance?

Testing is an activity to ensure the quality of the end result of your project. Whereas, quality assurance is implemented throughout all of the production process, so testing is only one of stage of the Quality Assurance Process.

Quality Assurance includes checking the maintenance of basic functions, testing capabilities of the workflow, analysing the overall performance of the product under various circumstances and trying out every possible scenario while keeping in mind the overall customer experience.

Our top ‘5’ reasons why Quality Assurance adds value to your project and to your business as a whole

1. Keeping your project costs down

If bugs aren’t found in the early stages of development, the longer it goes undetected, the more costly it can be to fix them! Our experienced Quality Assurance Team find any glitches which will help keep costs and overall time spend to a minimum.

2. Verification of the Software

In software testing, our Quality Assurance Team are there to verify all aspects of your software. They assure the quality of your product in every away— from its functionalities, smooth working and security, to spelling mistakes, localisation problems, and graphic glitches.

3. Effective Performance and Efficiency

It is essential for any product to have an effective performance and efficiency as poor performance will lead to customer dissatisfaction. By performance we are referring to the response time of the software. The response time should be in ‘acceptable intervals’, for example, no more than a couple of seconds, and should not increase if the transaction count increases.

Without effective performance and efficiency, it will be difficult to sell your product and convince your customers of its worth in the market place.

4. Consumer Confidence

If you have a quality software product it helps generate valuable consumer confidence — Quality Assurance can claim a big part in this as it makes the product better, which helps grow confidence about the product developed.

5. Quality Breeds Quality

A quality product adds credibility to your company which leads to an increase of attention from your users and customers. This also enables further evolution of your product and in turn, helps attract potential investors which will lead to growth of the market share.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have learnt a few points about the value of Quality Assurance for your software development project.

Please check out our site https://stridesempower.com/activity/ for a selection of other interesting articles.

Michaela Moore — Operations Manager




We are a web and application development company that turns your ideas into a powerful driving force of your business. We have a great team of experts.

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Strides Empower Ltd

Strides Empower Ltd

We are a web and application development company that turns your ideas into a powerful driving force of your business. We have a great team of experts.

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